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A January 2006 trip to Warsaw by Scubabartek

Nathans Villa Hostel Photo, Warsaw, Poland More Photos
Quote: I moved to Warsaw in beginning of 2006 to become a writer and photographer, as well as to discover the unique charms of this city.

Nathan's Villa Hostel

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Nathan's Villa Hostel Photo, Warsaw, Poland
Many things have been said already about this hostel and many reviews were written. I hope this to become the definitive review, coming from someone who has worked at Nathan's during the memorable summer '04 and has a continuing three year relationship with the hostel.In the hostel circles, Nathan's hostels (few more around in Poland and Romania) are legendary for their ability to create a social atmosphere for the solo backpacker.What the hell does that mean!? you might ask. My statement does sound like a cliché after all...Number one reason is that Nathan's offers a lot of common areas and a plethora of social options to guests. Warsaw's hostel has a...Read More

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on April 2, 2007

Nathan's Villa Hostel
Ul. Piekna 24/26
Warsaw, Poland
+48 (22) 622-2946