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The Tombs in the Muradiye Complex

A February 2006 trip to Bursa by Suha Sendogan

Tomb of Cem Sultan Photo, Bursa, Turkey More Photos
Quote: Muradiye complex includes several tombs that belong to sons, daughters, and other relatives of Sultan Murat. The tombs planned in square, hexagonal, and octagonal shapes were constructed with ashlars and bricks.

Tomb of Cem Sultan

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Tomb of Cem Sultan Photo, Bursa, Turkey
Cem Sultan's Tomb. Buried in this tomb are the sons of Fatih Sultan Mehmet (the conquerer); Sultan Cem and Sultan Mustafa. Mustafa (the elder son) died in 1474 when returning the conquest of the fortresses near the city of Konya. He was first buried in his uncle Alaaddin Bey's tomb, and later transferred to his own tomb which was built in 1479. Later on, the sons of Fatih (the conqueror) Sultan Abdullah, Sultan Cem (1499), and Alem Sah were buried in the tomb. The octagonal shaped tomb carries characteristics of the 15th century, constructed with the stone and brick, and the inner side is decorated with beautiful tiles and carvings.

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Tomb of Cem Sultan