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The Muradiye Complex

A February 2006 trip to Bursa by Suha Sendogan

Muradiye Mosque and Complex Photo, Bursa, Turkey More Photos
Quote: This great complex was built during the period of the last Ottoman Sultan, Murat II, who reigned in Bursa. The complex includes a Mosque (built 1425-1426), a Madrasah (15th century), a hospice (15th century), a Turkish Bath (1426), and the tomb of Sultan.

Muradiye Mosque and Complex

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Muradiye Mosque and Complex Photo, Bursa, Turkey
MURADIYE MOSQUE... The building of the mosque began in 1425, and was completed in 1426, by Sultan Murat II. The mosque's entrance was constructed with three series of bricks. One series of quarry stone, another of vertical single bricks, and others are covered with various geometrical bricks and tile casings. The doors and the entrance of the mosque, are some of the most beautiful examples of wooden architecture. The ceiling at the entrance, at the main area, are decorated with dark blue and turquoise hexagonal tiles. The mosque has two minarets, the one at northwest side is old and the other one is new, because of the fire at the beginning of the 18th century. The octagonal water tank with t...Read More

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Muradiye Mosque and Complex
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