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Weekend in Fort Myers

A June 2005 trip to Fort Myers by melissabowman

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Quote: Home of the Red Sox spring training, and a soft white sand beach.

Weekend in Fort Myers


sanibel Photo, Sanibel Island, Florida
The best part of this trip was that my husband was happy. Being a huge Red Sox fan for 27 years, he was very excited to see where they play for spring training. Of course they were not there, or in season, but that did not seem to matter to him. Fort Myers Beach reminded me a little of South Padre Island if you have ever been there. One long two lane road that was always packed and lined with shops, food, stores, hotels, condos, and much more, and of course the beach on the other side of all this.Quick Tips: Enjoy the soft white sand beaches.Look for sea creatures on shore.Best Way To Get Around: Ft.Myers Beach—be ready to walk or wait in a long line of traffic, but...Read More
Boston Red Sox Spring Training Photo, Fort Myers, Florida
Lee County, home of the Boston Red Sox Spring training facilities. We really enjoyed getting up close and personal with the field. We walked around the whole thing and tried to peek where we could. My husband loves to tour baseball fields, so this was right up his alley. I guess there really is not too much to say about it since they were not here and no games were going on. We just walked around and checked out the ballpark as much as we could.

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Boston Red Sox Spring Training
2201 Edison Ave
Fort Myers, Florida 33901
+1 941 334 4700; +1