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Letterboxing, a Healthy Addiction

A July 2004 trip to United States by Suzanne715

Letterboxing in PA Photo, United States, North America More Photos
Quote: Do you enjoy treasure hunts, spending time with family and friends, and being outdoors and discovering new places? Want to get the benefits of exercise, while having fun? If so, letterboxing is for you!


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Letterboxing in PA Photo, United States, North America
Around 1854, a gentleman placed his calling card in a bottle and stuck it in a bank at Cranmere Pool. Thus the hobby of letterboxing was born. In 1998, Smithsonian Magazine printed an article on the subject. The hobby swept across the seas and is taking the United States by storm, where in just 7 years over 20,000 trails have been created. It’s easy to get started. First, you’ll need to carve your stamp. Carving the stamp is much easier than it sounds and should represent you, your personality, or family in some way. My stamp is a treasure chest filled with the word time, the most precious commodity in the world, yet cannot be bought or sold for all the gold in the world. X-...Read More

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