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Over Night, in Town with the Biggest NASCAR Race

A June 2005 trip to Daytona Beach by melissabowman

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Quote: Daytona is the home of the biggest NASCAR race of the year, and tons of entertainment at the beach.

Daytona Beach

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Daytona Beach Photo, Daytona Beach, Florida
Daytona Beach is the home of the Daytona 500, the biggest race in NASCAR. Unfortunately, we did not get to go to a race. We did, however, see the speedway, and it was huge. It is right on the road. You basically run into it as the road dead-ends, and your only choice is to turn left or right. With that in mind if you take a left, you head straight down to the beach. Daytona beach has tons of entertainment, and beautiful beaches. I will say that, due to Hurricane Charlie, one side of the island is basically wiped-out and deserted, however, the other side is filled with entertainment. There is a huge theater and stage that host live music performances. You just bring your lawn chairs, sit on...Read More

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Daytona Beach
Daytona Beach, Florida