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Cusco: Am I in England?

An October 2005 trip to Cusco by eviet

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Quote: Cusco is a stunning colonial city just a day trip from mystical Machu Picchu; I just heard more English accents than Spanish.

A Mi Manera

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A Mi Manera Photo, Cusco, Peru
I barely managed to stumble into this sanctuary just 1 block from our hotel/hostel—not because I was pleasantly intoxicated, mind you, but because my intensifying altitude sickness was about to hurl me to the floor pleading for mercy (really!). My paper-white face huddled in my shaking hands, Danny had to ask for coca tea, a supposed cure-all for the gringo sickness.Before our concerned waiter, Yuri, could eagerly deliver the tea, he brought a handful of muña leaves; I was supposed to crush the leaves and inhale their scent. After doing so, the color came rushing back to my normally pink cheeks. I would have graciously greeted Yuri’s concern with smiles and thank-yous (even if we were t...Read More

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A Mi Manera
Triunfo 393, 2nd floor
Cusco, Peru

David Choque

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Machu Picchu Photo, Cusco, Peru
Group bus tours are about as appealing to me as joining a religious cult. It’s just not going to happen, especially when the oversized buses are roaring awkwardly along Cusco’s small ancient streets. But David Choque saved us from navigating Cusco and its surroundings all by our lonesome when he started Cusco Top Travel & Treks. (He also provided comfort when I thought death was almost certain after one hellish day, but I’ll get to that later.)Searching IgoUgo’s Cusco pages for useful tidbits, I came upon a review of David by Offthecouch. She and her son had ...Read More