Seattle Journals

The Emerald City

A January 2001 trip to Seattle by Iwent

Quote: The greater Seattle area is surrounded with lakes, rivers, and beautiful Mt. Rainer. There is so much to see and do here you really need to spend a long week end to see it all. There is Pike's Market on the ocean front, Pioneer Square in downtown Seattle,the Space Needle, The Music Hall of Fame and many fine dining experiences. The downtown area is filled with quaint shops, sports clubs, art galleries, and such amazing archetecture. Be sure to stroll through the various local clubs and catch a live Jazz performance by local artists. Remember Seattle is where Pearl Jam, Kenny G and of course Soundgarden. Oh and by the way this is also where software giant Bill Gates lives!

The Emerald City


You have to ride up the space needle! It is a beautiful view. You get a chance to see the city at 360 degrees. The viewing area has many historical displays depicting the creation of the Space Needle. Another option for a fabulous view is to ride the Ferry across the bay. This gives you a wonderful view of the shoreline. In the evening the city lights make it magical. Walking along the lighted streets in the evening gives you a sense of romanticism. The lights twinkle and the air is crisp, which makes good weather to hold someone close. Quick Tips: Best Way To Get Around: You should rent a car or hire a taxi. More Later! This site is in pr...Read More