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A Tour of Claude Monet's Gardens

A September 2000 trip to Giverny by cls223

Down the Garden Path Photo, Giverny, France More Photos
Quote: Would the actual gardens be as breathtaking as Claude Monet's paintings? I was anxious to find out as I boarded the tour bus to go to Giverny.

A Tour of Claude Monet's Gardens

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Down the Garden Path Photo, Giverny, France
The 45-minute drive from Paris had some scenic moments, especially as we neared our destination. Once we arrived at Giverny, we were allowed a few hours to wander as we wished: into the gardens, Monet's house, or into town to visit the American Museum or just wander. I began my tour in the Japanese Garden. The varying color and sheer number of water lillies astounded me. I crossed the road via underground tunnel, and returned to the main gardens. It was fortunate that the sky was a beautiful azure blue and the rain that had threatened earlier in the afternoon never materialized. The main gardens were row upon row of flowers of all types and color everywhere. They'd grown so tall that some reach...Read More

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