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Hike to Hisaronu

An August 2003 trip to Fethiye by TP TRAN

Oludeniz Hiking & Views Photo, Fethiye, Turkey More Photos
Quote: Last-minute, beach-resort-type holiday!

Oludeniz Hiking & Views

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Oludeniz Hiking & Views Photo, Fethiye, Turkey
On the advice of the Rough Guide, the best way to see the Oludeniz was from the top of a mountain and the hike. This was on my first holiday with my new boyfriend, so we were both trying to impress each other and it seemed like quiet a fun thing to do. We started off around midday, packed with two dozen newly brought Turkish Delights. Little did we know these would be the staple of our diet on this outing. We followed the rough guide semi-religiously, after about 30 minutes we no longer could tell if there was in fact a red mark, or merely a stain, so we decided to take our route "up." This worked well for about 20 minutes until the walkway we were on petered out and there was no gradual path...Read More

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Oludeniz Hiking & Views
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Fethiye, Turkey