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2005-Grand Bahama Island

A March 2005 trip to Freeport by HDRyders

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Quote: Unfortunately, we traveled to the Bahamas after it was devastated by three hurricanes. Much of the area was still recovering form the devastation. Some areas were worst than others.

2005-Grand Bahama Island


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Port Lacaya was fun for shopping and sightseeing.

Quick Tips:

We took a glass bottom boat ride. We got a chance to see an underwater wreck and many of the fish... I was disappointed that my camera did not show the colors as we saw them. The sightseeing tour of the area was interesting. You have to try Conch Fritters.

Best Way To Get Around:

The taxi prices were inconsistent... ask before you jump in, the prices tended to change from driver to driver. Once in Port Lacaya walking is the best bet... wander around the hotel located across from the market... they offer some beautiful views.
Best Things Nearby:Off the beaten path.Best Things About the Resort:Like I stated, most of the island had been damaged from the hurricanes... This resort was still recovering as well.Resort Experience:We did enjoy our time as a "rest and relaxation" vacation. We wanted to go to some of the Parks and Nature Preserves but they were being renovated/cleaned up. We will definately return to the island in a few years to experience the area when it is in full swing. Unit Type: Studio Activities: Poor Amenities: Poor Unit Satisfaction: ...Read More

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