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Wild Coast

A January 2000 trip to East London by sardonicus

Quote: Three weeks of perfect beaches, powdery white sand, soaring cliffs, thundering rivers, torrential rain, mud, sublime sunsets, insane proprietors, and other locals.
Not being a serious diver, I cannot tell you the name of any of the delights I came across, but suffice it to say, it was awesome. There were plenty of tropical fish around the reefs and more than enough for spearing. If you are just going into the water to spear dinner, you can be out in 10 minutes. Fish are abundant, and there are some real monsters. Beware of the waters around here, though--this is shark country! When the visibility is good, it's pretty safe, and you get to see more than you would expect, but when the visibility is poor, you had better stay out of the water. There are no lifesavers, no air ambulances, and nobody there to help if you get your leg bitten off.

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Wild Coast
East London, South Africa

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