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A day in a castle

An April 1997 trip to San Simeon by Iwent

Quote: We toured the hearst castle. This was spectacular! There were many tours to choose from nd we decided on a multipe tour day. A good value.

A day in a castle


The pool. The Library and the Kitchen.

Quick Tips:

Wear good walking shoes and be prepared to climb lots of stairs and walk a lot.

Best Way To Get Around:

This resort is on the ocean front and has many nearby restaurants. It was roomy, pool, but older. There was a miniature golf course on the property which was fun, and the nearby trails offered a great hike.

Member Rating 3 out of 5 on February 14, 2001

San Simeon Pines Seaside Resort
Highway 1 & Moonston
San Simeon, California 93428
(805) 927-4648

Hearst Castle


The castle was so large! There was a lot of walking required. There are no automobiles allowed on the property. So you have to park in the parking lot and ride a tour bus to the top. There are long lines and the tours sell out early.

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on February 14, 2001

Hearst Castle
750 Hearst Castle Road
San Simeon, California 93452
(805) 927-2020

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