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Rustic Paradise

A December 2005 trip to El Yunque by dghigliotty

Quote: El Yunque is the ideal challenge for travelers who have already hiked through America's toughest mountainous and woodsy regions.

Casa Cubuy Ecolodge


Travelers looking for exotic scenery and a sense of adventure should visit Casa Cubuy Ecolodge in Puerto Rico's renowned El Yunque Rain Forest. Hidden among the winding back roads of El Yunque's tropical landscape, Casa Cubuy is the perfect place to set up camp before heading into the heart of the rain forest. With a natural lake pool nearby and plenty of scenic spots to gaze out over the the island, Cubuy's surrounding area is perfect for everyone, from the moderately curious to the extremely adventurous. The only considerable problem is that travelers should be prepared for a true rustic experience. No television, no nightlife, and NO shopping centers are provided anywhere within a 15-mile radius. E...Read More

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on February 8, 2006

Casa Cubuy Ecolodge
Route 191, Km 22
El Yunque, Puerto Rico 00744
(787) 874-6221

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