Zermatt Journals

First Trip Overseas

A September 1996 trip to Zermatt by John Cairns

Quote: This was the first destination I ever went to overseas, and it served as an excellent introduction to international travel.

First Trip Overseas


Hiking about the alpine forest. Sampling fondue for the first time. Purchasing an authentic Swiss watch on the way to the train station.

Quick Tips:

If flying in from the USA, I recommend an overnight in Geneva if your time allows. The journey between Geneva and Zermatt is extremely scenic but also takes the better part of a day.

Best Way To Get Around:

On foot. No need for transportation once arrived on the train, except for the short distance between the train station and hotel. There are horse-drawn wagons that will take you to your hotel from the station.
We found this hotel to be a very comfortable four-star accommodation. It had carved wood ceilings in all the rooms and was very atmospheric. The breakfast room is downstairs and serves an excellent continental breakfast. It is centrally located in the town.

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on January 26, 2006

Hotel Allalin
Kirchstrasse 40
Zermatt, Switzerland 3920

We enjoyed hiking through the Alpine forest around Zermatt. The trails are well marked and not as challenging as one may think. Along the way there are small restaurants, or in warm weather, it might be nice to bring your own picnic lunch.