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Hiking Bear Butte, Sturgis, South Dakota

An October 2005 trip to Sturgis by gandjwhite

Quote: I consider Bear Butte to be one of my all-time favorite hikes. Scenery, views, culture, wildlife, and fitness all in one!

Bear Butte State Park

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Attraction | "Bear Butte"

“Bear Butte” to the white man… “Mato Paha” to the Lakota… “Noahvose” to the Cheyenne… Whatever you choose to call this sacred mountain, I've found that a day in its presence consistently provides an indefinable experience. The experience weaves together Culture, Wildlife, Scenery, and Spirituality like the four tribal colors you find hanging on the pines along the way—Red, Black, White, Yellow.CultureStories of its origin go back 1,000s of years. Whatever the truth, there is something about this place that keeps people of all colors coming back again and again to escape the material and enter into the embrace of nature in its primitive finest. Over 60 Nat...Read More

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Bear Butte State Park
Meade County
Sturgis, South Dakota

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