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Little Town, AMAZING Hotel

A January 2005 trip to Seaside by MaryWebster

Quote: What a wonderful trip! I will return to Seaside Oregon a hundred times if I can. The Hillcrest Inn is superb.
The Seaside Hillcrest Inn provided the most comfortable, relaxing, and accommodating stay I have every had in my life. The beach is only a block away and the room cost under $90. It was actually several rooms in one, like a large one-bedroom apartment. My two daughters, my husband, and I had a wonderful time. The refrigerator was bigger than the one we have at home, so we stocked it up with local seafood and leftovers from the local restaurants we couldn't resist. Our room had two separate bedrooms, a living room, and a full kitchen. The Hillcrest has to be the nicest hotel in Seaside, let alone in Oregon or anywhere else I've been. I've stayed at five-star hotels that weren't as nice as the...Read More

Member Rating 5 out of 5 on January 24, 2006

Hillcrest Inn
118 North Columbia
Seaside, Oregon 97138
(503) 738-6273

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