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El Greco Nassau Not Bad At All

A January 2006 trip to Nassau by sunfun1

Quote: The El Greco was clean, convenient, and affordable--not the nightmare I would have expected from reading other posts.
Good thing I read some other posts after I returned from a great trip. The El Greco is charming, the staff is friendly, and the location is a walk from everything. The staff spoke English, and there was no drug-dealing in the lobby like I've read elsewhere! We had no idea breakfast was included, so those McDonalds muffins were very nice. The second day, breakfast was meat, fish, and bread: just fine with us. Free high-speed Internet and calls to the U.S. in the lobby. A coffee shop is next door, but there's always coffee at the pool. They asked us if we'd like a suite; as we are very budget-conscious, we said just a room, but it was like a suite, with an adjoining sitting area and t...Read More

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on January 23, 2006

El Greco Hotel
West Bay Street
Nassau, Bahamas