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Week on Kauai

A May 2005 trip to Princeville by tompowell

Quote: Kauai was absolutely the most beautiful place I have ever visited and I plan to return there again as soon as possible! I loved it there!

Week on Kauai


We took a sunset cruise that served a wonderful meal, it was great fun! We took a helicopter ride that toured the island and we saw sights that we would have never seen otherwise. Saw Waimea Canyon, the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, just beautiful! Couldn't get enough of the ocean views, stopped every time I could find a place to park for pictures. Just breath taking!

Quick Tips:

The resort was very helpful in booking tours and events for us. Gave us discounts on most of them.

Best Way To Get Around:

Must rent a car to see the beaches and ocean views. Can't imagine being there without a car.

PAHIO Bali Hai Villas

Hotel | "Pahio at Bali Hai Villas "

Best Things Nearby:

Best Things About the Resort:
Location, accommodations.

Resort Experience:
This resort has very nice accommodations, it is quiet, very peaceful. Would highly recommend to anyone that wants to relax is a beautiful tropical setting.

  • Unit Type: 2 Bedroom
  • Activities: Very Good
  • Amenities: Very Good
  • Unit Satisfaction: Very Good
  • Family Friendliness: Very Good
  • Service: Very Good

Member Rating 5 out of 5 on January 22, 2006

PAHIO Bali Hai Villas
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