Carlsbad Journals

What Not to Do in California

A June 2005 trip to Carlsbad by eatlizzardsdaily

Quote: A few let-downs in the attractions part of California
We went to Universal Studios mainly because of all the superhero memorabilia. We did not get our money's worth. When you go to Disneyland, you have tons of rides to go on, a bunch of interactive activities, and there's something for everyone. 1. The first let down for Universal was that it cost the same or a little more than Disneyland. 2. Where other amusement parks have hundreds of rides, Universal has less than 20, and half of those were tours in a cart, which were uninformative and boring. Not even really rides.3. There is one show to see. I don't even really see shows, but the selection alone was horrible.4. When you go to most amusement parks, it's impossible to fit e...Read More

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Universal Studios Hollywood
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