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Micro-London: Primrose Hill

A December 2006 trip to London by cheryl morris

Quote: Primrose Hill: London's Wisteria Lane

Regent's Park and Primrose Hill

Attraction | "Primrose Hill Park"

This is a gorgeous, vast green hill with a lovely park for children and London's best view of the city's most important landmarks. Great for walking, hiking, or taking the dog out, but a bit steep for jogging. To get there, take the tube to Chalk Farm. When you get out, cross the road and go up the colourfully painted bridge. You'll be in the village at this point. Walk past the quaint flower shops, cafes, bookshops and expensive clothing boutiques until you see the green of the park at the end of Regent Park's Road.

The Hill is famous for fireworks on Guy Fawke's Day (November 6) and champagne picnics during the summer.

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Regent's Park and Primrose Hill
Park Road
London, England
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Primrose Hill: London's Wisteria Lane

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Primrose Hill is a bit like Desperate Housewives' Wisteria Lane: it’s full of slim, pretty ladies in casually expensive clothes who live in incredibly expensive houses and yet never really seem to work. There is also a famous suicide (Sylvia Plath’s: she killed herself in her house at Chalcot Square) and a surprising amount of tawdry sexual intrigue for such a "respectable" area: this is where Jude and Sadie broke up, but not before allegations of his cheating with other men and her participation in threesomes with actress/model friends. This is also where Kate Moss kept lovers, apparently of both genders, entertained.If in London, then Primrose Hill is a pretty interesting place ...Read More