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A May 2000 trip to Oahu by williamsfam

Quote: My husband and I took a beautiful trip to Hawaii for a week, and if I could, I would go every year!

Ohana Islander Waikiki

Hotel | "Ohana Hotel"

The hotel was an Ohana chain hotel on Lewers Street, which is now being replaced by the huge Waikiki establishment that consists of condos, shops, and restaurants. It was a budget hotel that was clean and had enough amenities so that I didn't have to go elsewhere. The best location!! If I turned to the left, it was 1 block from the beach in front of Outrigger, and to my right, blocks from all the shops and restaurants. It had an open-air lobby and restaurant and clubs steps away. Too bad they're replacing it, as it was a nice starter hotel for people to come to in Hawaii and save money for other things.

Member Rating 3 out of 5 on January 19, 2006

Ohana Islander Waikiki
270 Lewers Street
Honolulu, Hawaii 96815
(808) 923-7711

Take a tour to circle all the beaches in Hawaii, to see how wonderful they are, and then go back to the ones you like and spend your days there. Locally, Waikiki is famous but also crowded, with rocks on the ocean floor. Ala Moana is a local beach just minutes away by bus, with a long stretch of white sand and blue waters. There's also a nice area with trees/shade where you can watch surfers by the edge towards the end of day. Circling around the island, I think Haunama Bay is beautiful but crowded! But Lanikai, Kauila, North Shore, Eternity, and Makapuu Beaches? Definitely spend a day there!! When you visit these beaches, you'll understand why you should go there instead of downto...Read More

Member Rating 5 out of 5 on January 19, 2006

Endless Hawaii

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I've been to Hawaii two times and am planning to go again in February of next year to take all the boys to the pro bowl game. The first time I went was for my birthday with my boyfriend in 1998. I did all the tourist tours, went to the restaurants, and loved it. I can't believe how different it is compared to the islands in the Caribbean!! There's so much beauty in the island itself that it literally takes your breath away. The people are so friendly and proud of their island, and that is reflected in everything. The cultures are so diverse because of the people and history. I loved Hawaii so much, my boyfriend and I went back again in 2000 and we got engaged. The second time we went, we spe...Read More

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