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A January 2006 trip to Florida by hellotmf

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Monkey Jungle

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Monkey Jungle is one of the oldest zoological parks in the US, established in 1933 to study primates roaming free in a native environment. Its founder, researcher Joseph DuMond released six Java Crab-Eating Macaques into the “wild” of this densely lush 30 acre tropical reserve, and since then that troop has grown into the '80s. Today, Monkey Jungle is home to approximately 400 primates. It is one of the few parks in the country that focus solely on raising and studying primates. The premise of this facility is very unique - basically, you, the visitor, walk through a large enclosed “cage”, while the monkeys are free to roam around outside and above the cage, peering back at you inside t...Read More

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Monkey Jungle
14805 Southwest 216th St.
Miami, Florida 33170

Everglades National Park

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Attraction | "Everglades National Park - Anhinga Trail"

Everglades National Park Photo, Everglades National Park, Florida
This past weekend I drove through Everglades National Park, starting from Homestead, Florida, and going down to Flamingo, which is at the southwest edge of the park near Florida Bay. This time of year (January), in the dry season, an abundance of birds congregate in the drying ponds around the Everglades, so many photo enthusiasts like myself also congregate there with intricate cameras, lenses, and tripods in hand. Without question, the best trail on my trek was the Anhinga Trail, which is the first marked trail after entering the park at Homestead. The Anhinga Trail is named after a big, beautiful black bird (also called a Water Turkey, probably by someone who didn’t like it too much) that...Read More

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Everglades National Park
Various Visitor Centers
Everglades National Park, Florida
(305) 242-7700