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Elvis has left the city

A June 1996 trip to Memphis by Carmen

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Quote: Although I wasn't impressed with Mempis as a whole, Graceland was certainly worth seeing.

Elvis has left the city


Other than just seeing the Mississippi River, there's only one thing to do in Memphis, in my opinion, and that's Graceland. But I have to say, that it's well worth the trip. Aside from the beauty of the musical-note-decorated front gate, and the southern majesty of the house, the best part of visiting Graceland is seeing how outrageous Elvis was in the 70s. Elvis had just decorated his house a few years before his death, and it's left in that style. Carpet on the ceiling and such. :) I wonder how cool it looked in its 50s style? Another highlight was seeing Elvis' grave, and seeing his name misspelling on the stone. So is he alive? Hmmmm. Consipiracy theorists beware.Quick Tips:...Read More


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Graceland Photo, Memphis, Tennessee
The only reason I traveled to Memphis is because I went to Nashville with my mom, and she said that no way was she getting that close to Graceland and not visiting. So, we drove 3 hours from Nashville to see Graceland. At first, I was a little cynical, and went just for my mom. However, the tour was pretty nice. Just before Elvis died, he had redone his decor in the tacky style of the 70's, with his TCB logo (taking care of business) everywhere. I think it would have been really nice to see the house decorated in the style of his heyday in rock-n-roll. I'm sure it would've been a site to see. The jungle room just didn't do it for me, although the carpet on the ceiling was an interesting tou...Read More

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Beale Street


Beale Street was certainly an interesting little excursion. I wanted to visit BB King's bar to experience the blues, and boy, did I ever. It was evening, and Memphis isn't the cleanest of cities. It was quite obviously a cotton town, and many of the buildings are in desperate need of repair. There were beer vendors every couple of yards selling right on the sidewalk, and some not-so-safe-looking people milling about. We never made it to BB King's place, because we were too scared to keep walking. I did, however, make my mom stop long enough to get a view of the Mississippi River, just to say I had seen it. I'd like to go back during the day, and with a few men to accompany me so...Read More