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The Ancient Land of Israel

A December 2005 trip to Israel by rkaleal

Quote: The Holy Land to three religions, Israel is truly a must-see destination from north to south, east to west.

The Unplugged Bar


The Unplugged Bar is a great place if you are looking for overpriced drinks and bar tenders who tip themselves. Located in a highly "tourist" area of the city, the bar has more foreigners than Isralis. Plan to spend around 40 NIS (or $10 USD) per drink of hard liquer. Then watch the bar tender put another 4 sheckels into the tip cup without asking you. Not recommended at all.

This bar is for drinks and hooka.

Member Rating 1 out of 5 on January 14, 2006

The Unplugged Bar
New Tourist Center
Eilat, Israel
(972) 76325776

Flying on El Al

Best Of IgoUgo


Do you generally arrive 4 hours prior to your scheduled departure for international flights? Chances are that your answer is no, but if you are flying El Al to Israel, you better plan to arrive this early!When you arrive, be prepared for long lines to check in as each passenger is interrogated by an El Al representative, and each peice of baggage is checked before a customer can receive a boarding pass. Also know that before you have even arrived, you name has been checked with the US Government, the Israeli security forces, and Interpol. The result of all of this is the safest flying experience today.Once you're onboard, do not expect amazing service: El Al just doesn't have i...Read More