Rhine River Journals

Sipping Wine with the Lorlei

A September 2005 trip to Rhine River by JulieHolm

Quote: Two warm fall days in the Rhine Valley, sipping wine, enjoying castle ruins, watching the river run by. Across the river, the Lorlei set her lovely snares. What could be more German?

Sipping Wine with the Lorlei


September and October in German wine country presents many opportunities for tasting some of the world's greatest wines—take it. I visited a wine fest in Boppard, but there are many others along the Rhine and Mosel Valley. If fine wines don't appeal to you; the new sweet wine Federweisser is great; as is the Gluehwein, which warms a cold evening. Not to mention Germany's old standby, Beer! Wonderful street food, ranging from Wurst to Mushrooms, to the local Pfannkuchen are also available, and there is always music. The Rhine is likewise famous for castles and for boat rides along the wonderful scenery.There's a mini-train tour of Boppard that is a lot of fun, particularly...Read More