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Long Weekend in Cape Breton

A June 2005 trip to Cape Breton by grannola

Along the trail Photo, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia More Photos
Quote: My mother, 7-year old, 3-year-old, and a I took a long weekend trip to Cape Breton.

Long Weekend in Cape Breton

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Along the trail. Photo, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
In a family with small kids, you definitely want to see the Fortress of Louisbourg. If your kids are patient and like scenery, you could try the Cabot Trail, but my kids were not interested, and I didn't feel like adding several hours to an already long car ride.Even if you don't go around the trail, there are some beautiful look-outs on the main road.Quick Tips: Make sure that you have warm clothes when you visit. Even in the middle of the summer, it gets cold on the coast.I wouldn't bother going to Cape Breton except in the summertime, because most of the interesting things are closed for the winter. Driving the Cabot Trail would be fine in the fall....Read More