Acapulco Journals

Second Honeymoon in Acapulco, MX

A June 2005 trip to Acapulco by arichey

Quote: Acapulco is a beautiful resort destination.

Second Honeymoon in Acapulco, MX


Boat trip to Roqueta Island with seafood lunch on island and unbelievable snorkeling off of the island.

Quick Tips:

Negotiate with locals on beach for best deals on rentals of 4 wheelers or jet skis, etc.

Best Way To Get Around:

Tax's are inexpensive, there are so many taxis, you can schedule for a ride to pick you up and meet you to take you anywhere and at any time. If you are daring, there are tons of public buses for 50 cents per trip.
Best Things Nearby:Beautiful snorkeling, the famous cliff divers, inexpensive boat expedition, inexpensive shopping.Best Things About the Resort:The outdoor amenities were incredible, 3 beautiful pools including an all adult eternity pool with pool side drink service!Resort Experience:Acapulco is a beautiful resort destination. However if you go even 1 mile outside of resort areas it is a very poor, run down area. Much less commercialized than Cancun, but that is part of its charm. The amenities at this resort were incredible. Most workers speak English well and were very helpful. The area has a wide variety of dining and entertainment choices. We found severa...Read More

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