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First Time at the Beach: Outer Banks

A July 2000 trip to Outer Banks by travelwriter85

Quote: The Outer Banks in North Carolina is so BEAUTIFUL! Surf shops, beach volleyball, boardwalks, and beach houses... the ambience is something to surely capture a first-timer like myself, who never even saw the ocean until this trip!

First Time at the Beach: Outer Banks

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I went with my friend Shanna and her family to the Outer Banks in North Carolina! We stayed in a real beach house, which was green, and all around us were palm trees and lush tropical plants. Sand was EVERYWHERE, and I soon learned that sand can creep up into places I didn't know it could! Thank your lucky stars for bath houses! We brought volleyballs, boogie boards, and other things to the beach because we only had to walk a half a block to see the ocean! I remember the first evening we arrived! I ran into the ocean and somehow was so overwhelmed with the whole experience that I completely forgot that it was salt water and proceeded to choke on the gross taste of salt water--who knows what ...Read More