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Monument Valley Weekend

A July 2005 trip to Arizona by LisaCharlene

Masterpiece in Stone Photo, Kayenta, Arizona More Photos
Quote: Monument Valley, a spiritual and sacred place for the Native Americans for more years than we can court, this vast and barren valley of geologic formations holds a stark beauty that can only be described as mystical.

Firetree Bed & Breakfast

Hotel | "Firetree Bed and Breakfast"

This bed and breakfast is a rare find. Your accommodations are in an authentic Navajo hogan which was constructed for the Owner of Firetree B&B by local artisans. The property sits on the outskirts of Monument Valley in a gorgeous canyon, and your hostess a wonderful and interesting lady by the name of Diane. The hogan itself has two comfortable queen size beds, stone flooring, and is an authentic replica of the traditional navajo dwellings. The bathroom facilities are in the mainhouse, which is just a few steps away; breakfast is also served in the mainhouse. The incredibly beautiful surroundings of red cliffs and canyon walls make the setting for this authentic experience a true "taste" of the ...Read More

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Firetree Bed & Breakfast
PO Box 360417
Monument Valley, Utah

Sunset Horseback Ride

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Masterpiece in Stone Photo, Kayenta, Arizona
We spent the day inside the Tribal Park of Monument Valley, where we drove our vehicle around the red dirt road which circles the Park. The road is accessible by car unless there have been heavy rains, then a high clearance vehicle is suggested. There are countless Native American tour companies which are also available to you for guided tours, in which they provide the transportation and can also take you to more remote side road locations that only they are permitted to venture upon. At sunset, we rented two horses and our guide took us behind a set of canyons and into an area where a beautiful spring bubbled up and created a green oasis in this red desert. The colors of the red silt floo...Read More