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Switzerland Beauty

An August 2004 trip to Gimmelwald by anna77

Quote: I kept asking others around me if I was looking at some backdrop for Lord of The Rings. I was in awe.

Switzerland Beauty


Just sitting and looking. It was incredible--beauty of the mountains and tracing the small waterfalls. Watching the animals roam was truly magnificent.

Quick Tips:

Definitely talk to the local hostel owner and get the information on hikes. Hike over to the next town, buy some yogurt, Swiss cheese, and fresh bread at the local shop, and take a picnic with you on your hike. Come back, kick your legs up, try some fondue at the pension, and relax with a book.

Best Way To Get Around:

Walking. There isn't much you need to drive to up there. First you need to go down to the valley. Then you can take a bus anywhere, or take a bus to a train.



Gimmelwald was my little peice of heaven. The village is small and intimate, with HUGE mountains springing up all around you. The air is calming and relaxing, and the numerous hiking trails are awesome and don't have to be strenuous. Simple and charming--I was ready to move there.

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