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An April 2005 trip to Mesa Verde by Aracanus

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Quote: Earlier this year I took a road trip with my friend Melissa down to Mesa Verde. Melissa had been on an archaeological dig with a woman that works there as a back-country archaeologist, so we got a personalized tour.

Week in Mesa Verde


Cliff Palace is the largest and most spectacular of the cliff dwellings tourists are allowed go to. Make sure to take your camera, as there are some incredible shots. There are guided tours every 30 minutes or so. Quick Tips: If you get there early in the day, I'd suggest dressing in layers. It's rather cold in the morning during the spring but it warms up quickly. It might be helpful to bring some binoculars with you, as some of the cliff dwellings can only be viewed from across valleys. There are areas to pull over in, but it can still be hard to spot the structures with the naked eye. This might not be the best trip for you if you're afraid of heights, as there are several areas where you ...Read More

Tequila's Mexican Restaurant

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When we arrived in Durango, (the biggest town in the area), it was already dinnertime, so we wanted to find something quickly. Main Avenue, in downtown Durango, is packed with restaurants, so it's not difficult to find one at all. Our other consideration was price, because we only brought enough money to cover essentials on our trip, no luxuries. Tequilla's had a menu hanging in the window that listed prices, and everything was pretty affordable.

The atmosphere inside is very casual and upbeat. The food was wonderful, and the drinks were great, too. It was a great stop before continuing the drive to Mesa Verde.

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There are three cliff dwellings that can only be seen on a ranger-guided tour: Cliff Palace, Balcony House, and Long House. The tours take about an hour each and cost $2.75 a person. The hours for the tours vary depending on season, but during the spring and summer, they are generally from 8am to dusk. Balcony House and Cliff Palace both require climbing a few long ladders to get in and out. Balcony House is considered the must adventurous of the tours. Long House is outside of the main park area down a long and winding road. Schedules and more exact information can be found at the official website I highly recommend going on the tours. The rangers know a gr...Read More

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