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A December 2005 trip to Abaco by rseeber

Quote: If you want a quiet beach getaway, with the ocean at your door, this is the place.
Best Things Nearby:There are a number of other small islands that can be visited by ferry, if you get tired of this one. No restaurant at the facility, but there are at least 6 restaurants within a 10 minute walk.Best Things About the Resort:The sand starts at the edge of your patio, and the ocean is another 25 feet away. Most days the water was extremely calm, and you could watch the tides go in and out and look for little critters in the shallows. There is a protected beach area that would be great for small children. This is a great spot if you really want a quiet beach resort. They plan a few snorkeling and sightseeing trips, but cancel if not enough sign up.Res...Read More

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on December 27, 2005

This blue hole was accessed by driving to the site. Abaco Island is underlaid with caves, and this is one of them that formed a blue hole. It looks like a small pond from the top, but once you get in, it widens below. There are stalactites and flowstone, but no fish. Technically difficult dive, as the top is freshwater and then you cross a layer into the saltwater.

Member Rating 5 out of 5 on December 27, 2005

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