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Phoenix: The Valley of Sun

A July 2005 trip to Phoenix by Prachi Nagpal

Phoenix Zoo Photo, Phoenix, Arizona More Photos
Quote: Some of the fun places in Phoenix for a nice weekend picnic.

Phoenix: The Valley of Sun


The Valley of Sun has something in store for everyone: golf courses, zoos and national parks, amusement parks, paddle boats, fountains, and a host of scenic places within driving distance. The best time to visit is between October and March.Quick Tips: Be sure to carry sunscreen, hats, goggles, and lots of drinking water, along with chocolates and candies during summer months. Keep on drinking water at regular intervals throughout the day to avoid dehydration.Best Way To Get Around: Phoenix roads are a pleasure to drive on. It's better to rent a car, although most attractions can also be reached using the Valley metro, the local Phoenix bus service. There is no toll on any of th...Read More

Phoenix Zoo

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Phoenix Zoo Photo, Phoenix, Arizona
This review describes our trip to the Phoenix Zoo. It is fun picnic place for both the young and adults. The zoo is huge spread over an 100 acres and has around 2.5 miles of walking trails that have been designated as Tropics, African, Arizona, and Children trails. The whole area is very neat and clean and well maintained. There are a large number of animals on display, including zebras, giraffes, giant tortoises, orangutans, elephants, ostrich, seals, baby monkeys, and a host of other animals, birds, and reptiles. There is a small train through the zoo, and you can enjoy the ride as it takes you through the various exhibits. The ticket price was very reasonable, only about $3 per person. Yo...Read More

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on December 26, 2005

Phoenix Zoo
455 North Galvin Parkway, 64th Street Between Van Buren & Mcdowell Roads
Phoenix, Arizona 85008
(602) 273-1341

The place is located just off the I-17 highway close to the Metro Mall. The park has a small but very pretty castle that resembles the Disney Castles and a big roller coaster. This place has something for everyone. Carousels and mini rides, go-cart and mini golf, roller coaster, and sky fall. The rides are all fun and the prices are reasonable. You can get 2-for-1 coupons from the entertainment book or from the local stores like Frys several times a year. There is also mini-golf, which is lots of fun. The courses are neat and very well-maintained. You can get the equipment from the same place. There is also a large arcade with a variety of video games and pinball machines. Makes for a great family pic...Read More

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Castles -n- Coasters
9445 North Metro Parkway East
Phoenix, Arizona 85051
+1 602 997 7575