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Batanes - A Different Philippines

An October 2004 trip to Batanes by Pinoy_T

Quote: Probably more appropriately tagged as the country's "storm exitway," Batanes is a paradise on the northern tip of the Philippines that has a geography and culture almost entirely different from the rest of the country. Truly amazing!
Great accommodation in a place we thought was the land of storms! The bungalows made up of 2 separate rooms making them like little duplex houses. Each room has its own entrance and pathway making it tastefuly private. Wood parquet floors, tiled bathrooms, hot showers, and a choice to open the wood-framed glass windows to let the breeze in! Great views of the hills, plains, and sea. Nestled at the foot of a hill with nothing but grass and two or three grazing cows, the beach is a leisurely walk 50 or so meters down on concrete steps. Attentive staff. Cheap - even for Filipinos. The best choice in whole of Basco, really (and there are not a lot)!

Member Rating 5 out of 5 on December 24, 2005

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