Huaraz Journals

Take Your Family to Huaraz

A July 2004 trip to Huaraz by Daniel Horns

Quote: Huaraz was a great non-tourist introduction to Peru's highlands.

Take Your Family to Huaraz


Huaraz is a great contrast with, and compliment to, Cusco and Machu Picchu. The town is fun and cute (Lonely Planet described it as unattractive, but we didn't see it that way). The people are friendly and inviting. The mountains are the most amazing I have ever seen. The region is visited mainly by mountaineers. We were the only "family tourists" we saw there. The lack of tourists gave us a glimpse of Peruvian life that you cannot get in the crowds of Cusco.Quick Tips: The highlight was a day hike in Llanganuco National Park. We drove up to a 15,000-foot pass, then hiked down the a valley floor. Our 10-year-old son made it no problem. We hired Paulino Tínoco Depaz as a guide. He wa...Read More