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A July 2005 trip to Paris by SvetaB

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Eiffel Tower

Attraction | "The Eiffel Tower"

Eiffel Tower Photo, Paris, France
The vision of standing in line under the Eiffel Tower, looking straight up into the underbelly, will never leave me. The Eiffel Tower completely lives up to its hype which is very rare. I got in line under the tower at about 10pm on a Friday, and everything (standing in line to go up, viewing, and waiting in line to go back down) took about two and a half hours. One thing you should keep in mind is that the highest level (level 3) closes at around 11pm so if you want to go all the way up, make sure you get in line no later than 9pm. The tickets are very cheap (under 10 euros)and the view is amazing. You can see all of Paris and a little passed it. I have no been in the day but I stongly sugg...Read More

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Eiffel Tower
Champ De Mars
Paris 75007

Cathédrale Notre-Dame

Attraction | "Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris"

Every step you take into the cathedral is met with the resounding echo of Victor Hugo's eternal words. The words of The Hunchback of Notre Dame (a personal favorite of mine) is seen in ever statue and every tile. The cathedral is absolutely beautiful and, of course, is free to enter. There are still running services but you can walk around them to see the church (it's set up like St. Peter's Basillica, if you've been there). I didn't go on an official tour; I'm not even sure if there is one. I spent about half an hour there.

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Cathédrale Notre-Dame
6, place du Parvis-de-Notre-Dame
Paris, France 75004
+33 (1) 42 34 56 10

Parisian Obelisque Photo, Paris, France
One thing I love about traveling is the life lessons you learn. Lesson #1: Always do things in group/pairs. When I was visiting Paris this past summer with my uncle, he left me to go up the Eiffel Tower alone because he's afraid of heights. We agreed on a meeting place, but for reasons of no importance to the story, he never showed up as I sat under the Tower for 2 hours (from midnight to 2am) alone in a strange city.Lesson #2: ALWAYS take a matchbook or business card from the hotel you're staying in, because if you need to remember the name/address/phone number, you'll have it. If you're lost, most hotels will direct you back or send out a taxi to your exact location. That is somethi...Read More