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A September 2002 trip to Cooper Landing by bigkugz

Quote: The BEST salmon fishing in the world!

Silver Run

Attraction | "Silver Run, AK"

AMAZING!!! This spot is every fisherman's dream! The Russian and White rivers are tributaries of the Kenai, and any lodge employee or bait shop can tell you in Cooper's Landing how to get there (spots are only a few minutes from the lodge). There are so many fish in the river that you have to kick them out of your way--no exaggeration. I would recommend going for the Silver Run, just after the Sockeye. Although sockeye are famous for taste, catch, and rarity, there are way too many tourists these days in Alaska for this run. Go for the silvers--you can pick them out without any amount of difficulty in between the tomato-colored sockeyes. Make noise to keep the brown bears at bay, and if you see any cu...Read More

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Silver Run
Russian / White Rivers
Cooper Landing, Alaska