Moldova Journals

Republic of Moldova - Some Facts

A September 2005 trip to Moldova by 3mttours

Quote: What a small country can offer.
Of its 4 million people, about 25% live in its capital and another 25% work abroad. It is a predominantly poor, rural country that relies heavily on the wine-making industry (wine-tasting in the Republic of Moldova is a must, as some of their wines are simply brilliant and the presentation is a real show that is not to be missed). About 80% of its wine production is exported to Russia. If you go by car, you need to be armed with a lot of patience at the border control, which seemingly takes forever for people not living in Romania and probably the CIS. At the border you'll get a sticker on your passport to report to the police for registration if you stay for more than 3 days. It is not necessary i...Read More