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48 Hours in Almaty

An August 2005 trip to Almaty by helenl

Quote: My work in Almaty (look at for more info) takes me around the country. There is much to do in the city and nearby. These brief diaries aim to give a flavour of what is on offer.

City and village in a day or two

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48 hours in Almaty What does this fine leafy city have to offer the visitor? It depends on your interests, and on the time of year. If your visit is between June and September, you will find that most of the population has moved outside. The many parks are full of families taking gentle exercise, strolling among the trees or feeding the very tame squirrels. Many of the park benches will be occupied by men playing chess. Serious tournaments seem to go on for days. If you want to briefly lose your children, they can take a spin in a pedal car or mini motor bike, which can be hired for short periods. There are many photographers ready to make a memento of your visit. Relax and enjoy. The...Read More

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City and village in a day or two