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A March 2003 trip to Panama Canal by Emms137

Quote: This journal describes my first cruise with Holland America, and a fabulous trip to the Panama Canal. The experience was amazing, and I would love to go back on this same ship and itinerary again some day. Enjoy!


Attraction | "Watersports at the Hyatt - Palm Beach"

You can take a taxi from Oranjestad to the beach for a fairly low rate, it is about a 15 minute ride. The beach has fine, white sand, perfect for lounging and relaxing. It's an active beach, but not overly crowded, we found plenty of room to lay out and relax. The water was pleasantly warm and the sun was hot (make sure you wear sunscreen and stay hydrated). This beach is home to several upscale resorts, so there are a plethora of watersports vendors looking for your business (since its a public beach, most of the vendors are not contracted with hotels, so they are less expensive). Feel free to bargain with the vendors, its expected, and you can usually get a much better rate, especially if you want m...Read More

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on December 11, 2005

Hyatt Palm Beach
Panama Canal, Panama
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The rainforest tour is a river cruise deep into the rainforest near Puerto Limon. After riding in a motor coach to the dock we boarded open-air boats with about 30 other people. The guide pointed out several different animals along the banks of the river as we cruised along, including sloths. After the cruise (which lasts about an hour or so), we went to a mini Costa Rican village, where you could eat, listen to authentic music, drink, and even shop a little bit. On the whole it was a very low key tour, not too much physical activity required, but still enjoyable. It was a nice change from the typical motor coach tour of the city. Definitely worth looking into. If you are really into seeing the rainfo...Read More