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Victoria the Beautiful

An October 2003 trip to Victoria by ak1

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Quote: Victoria is a fun yet romantic city to visit. With all of the buildings and gardens to see, this city keeps me wanting to go back.

Victoria the Beautiful


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From the Empress Hotel to Butchart Gardens, Victoria is a stunning place to visit. The trip over on the ferry is beautiful on a clear, sunny day as you wander around through the San Juan Islands. When the ship finally docks in Victoria, you go through their customs line and then walk into what feels like the middle of the city. There is so much to see, especially if it is your first trip there. Along the main drag there are tons of old buildings, their parliament buildings, historic landmarks, and statues, and if you visit during the summer, you will get to see the exquisite hanging flower baskets. The history reflects on the beauty of the city greatly. Victoria was named in honor of Queen...Read More

Butchart Gardens

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Butchart Gardens Photo, Brentwood Bay, British Columbia
What a spectacular place. I didn’t know that any setting could look this remarkable with only flowers and plants. You’ll definitely envy the Butchart Gardens for having perfect lawns and the flower beds, if you visit. Everywhere I looked in this garden color blossomed all around me. Walking leisurely through the gardens I felt overcome with a serene and undisturbed sensation, until I realized I couldn’t stay here forever. Although I thought it would be a perfect place to build my house.The Butchart Gardens offers 55 acres of floral displays and beautiful scenery with a few look outs to the bay. They have a lovely rose garden and even display a sunken garden. The whole are...Read More

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Butchart Gardens
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