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Welsh Whales in Patagonia

A November 2005 trip to Puerto Madryn by WitlessWanderer

Gaimen Photo, Puerto Madryn, Argentina More Photos
Quote: No, I've not misspelled it. Clearly attracted by the rich comic potential, the Welsh settled near a major wildlife centre.

Gaimen: Crewe without the style

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Gaimen Photo, Puerto Madryn, Argentina
Only a short 45-minute bus ride ($2) from Trelew is the village of Gaimen, a Welsh cultural centre (it holds their annual Eistedfodd).The Museo Hist󲩣o Regional Gales ($1) is pleasantly set in the old railway station, but you'll be delayed waiting for trains back home. The only knowledge I gleaned from this exhibition of pioneer relics was that my home city of Bristol is called Caerodor, in Welsh.More interesting was Mary, the museum's curator, a sprite old lady in her 70s with roots in Gwent. She was keen to try and teach the ignorant tourist (i.e. me) a few word of God's own language. I'm afraid the only one that really stuck was thank you, <i>diolch,&...Read More