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Tartu - City of Good Thoughts

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Quote: Tartu is the second largest city of Estonia, lying 185 kilometres south of Tallinn, also the centre of Southern Estonia.

Tartu - City of Good Thoughts


Tartu Photo, Tartu, Estonia
Tartu is a vigorous university town with a rich cultural heritage providing diverse leisure opportunities throughout the year. For domestic tourists, Tartu is the most popular tourist destination in southern Estonia. Its peculiar architecture, fascinating events, interesting exhibitions, and image of being a Hanseatic town attract foreign visitors. Tartu is a place where everyone wants to come back and everyone is welcome. Quick Tips: The captivating neoclassical Old Town, the serene pathways and bridges of Toome Hill, the vibrant café scene and all those weird and wonderful bars... it’s no wonder the world is finally waking up to Tartu! Best Way To Get Around: Buses and...Read More

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