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Cruise Stop at Cozumel

A November 2005 trip to Cozumel by Sunactrss

Quote: My cruise review did not allow enough space to talk about each destination, so to find out what Cozumel was like, read this review.

Cruise Stop at Cozumel


The water is the only thing Cozumel has going for it. The water is gorgeous, so spend your day at the beach or doing other water-based activities. From what I could see, the rest of the island is just dead.

Quick Tips:

I went on the ATV Jungle Adventure Tour with a company called WILD TOURS. DO NOT DO THIS TOUR! More info to follow on this one. Go to the "resort" stores as opposed to the little shops, every shop has the same thing and the Resorts have the newest stuff for the best price. Plus, you aren't pushed into buying stuff you'll never use.

Best Way To Get Around:

Wild Tours

Attraction | "Wild Tours' ATV Jungle Adventure"

This tour was $80 per person for a couple sharing an ATV, and from the description, the money should have been worth it. They describe an ATV ride through lush jungle to ancient Mayan ruins, a beach break with lunch and refreshments provided, and then snorkeling and kayaking. Sounds like the perfect shore excursion, right? Well, the tour guide was over an hour late and then told us we didn't have time to do anything but the ATV ride and a fifteen-minute break at the beach for lunch. We didn't see any Mayan Ruins, no jungle, just palm trees, and my husband had to get off of the ATV 20 times to put the chain back on HIMSELF. Two other vehicles broke down on the VERY RUGGED TERRAIN and the "gui...Read More

Member Rating 1 out of 5 on November 28, 2005

Wild Tours
Departure Point: Los Cinco Soles Store Av. Rafael Melgar Norte 27, San Miguel
Cozumel, Mexico 77600
+52 987 26 747; +52