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Kathmandu and beyond

A November 2005 trip to Nepal by tammyhayano

Devali time Photo, Nepal, Asia More Photos
Quote: Before coming to Nepal, my concerns were: Maoist rebels, avalanches on treks, and creepy men. I met the Maoists, but they were non-threatening. No avalanches, a few distant rockfalls, and only a bit of snow on the last leg to Annapurna Base Camp. Creepy men everywhere. More on that later.

Kathmandu and beyond


Devali time Photo, Nepal, Asia
I didn't expect Nepal to be so drastically different just from crossing the border, but BOOM! Lush green landscape all around! Ten degrees (F) warmer! Daal baaht restaurants on every corner! Women in saris! Fruit and vegetable vendors! And best of all-- indoor plumbing! Thamel, the tourist ghetto of Kathmandu, reminded me a bit of Khao San road in Bangkok-- a narrow street with souvenir shops, travel agencies (fly with Buddha Air, Yeti Air or Cosmic Air!), Western restaurants, and guesthouses. The only difference was the tourists didn't have their hair braided and weren't scantily clad. We arrived in Nepal just in time for the Devali holiday. A multi-day celebration where locals graced entrance ways o...Read More

Lakeside Pokhara


Lakeside Pokhara Photo, Nepal, Asia
After a week of sipping real coffee and eating pizza in Kathmandu, I decide it was time to head to the lakeside town of Pokhara. The six-hour bus ride was interrupted when we collided head-on with an oncoming pick-up truck in our lane. The scene was incredible. The entire front windshield of our bus popped out, then shattered on the ground. The front end of the bus caused a deep enough impact into the pick-up truck to trap that driver in. Traffic on both sides quickly backed up for miles on the narrow mountain road, and we were stuck. About 100 locals crowded around the collision, some just observing, others trying to rescue the pick-up truck driver (while tacky tourists took pictures). In the end,...Read More