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Holidays in the Mediterranean

A January 2001 trip to Europe by Wayne Jordan

Quote: After having cruised past the Rock of Gibralter several times, we finally got to dock there and spend a day in the location that attracts over five million people a year.

Rock of Gibraltar (Top of the Rock)

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After a second visit to Casablanca, the 18th day of our Mediterranean Holiday found us docked beneath that famous "rock" about a ten minute walk from the center of town. Gibralter is a blend of England and Spain and either currency is accepted as well as any credit card as this is a shopper's paradise. We skipped the shops in the morning and went directly to the cable car that carries about fifteen passengers to the top of the rock where there actually is a small restaurant. We bought a one-way ticket so we could walk down and see the island's main attractions on the way. First are the caves of St. Michael's at the south end of the "island", which is actually connected to Spain. One of the caverns is ...Read More

Rock of Gibraltar (Top of the Rock)