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Jamaica - Weathering Wilma

An October 2005 trip to Negril by BrettinJaco

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Quote: This is a short article about the damage and clean up in Negril, Jamaica, following Hurricane Wilma. It includes two short commentaries about the darker side of life in this popular tourist destination and Bob Marley's influence in tourism 25 years after his death.

Jamaica - Weathering Wilma

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Our plane landed in Montego Bay on Thursday October 20th, just as the sun broke through the clouds for the first time in a few days. Hurricane Wilma formed off the west coast of Jamaica earlier that week, then slowly moved across the Caribbean to wreak havoc on the tourist destinations on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. Fortunately for Jamaica, they were only touched by the outer edges of the storm. Most of the damage came from the huge waves created by the giant category 4 storm that continued to break along the coast days after the skies had cleared. We were there for a friend’s wedding, and everyone was relieved that the weather was improving; what we didn’t count on was the impact the storm would c...Read More

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