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A November 2005 trip to China by Lacepede

Quote: Advantages and disadvantages of Holiday Inn in China.
Holiday Inn can be a good travel value in China, especially in new properties such as in Hohhot. Great rooms for about USD 50 per night, if you are in Inner Mongolia. Travelers, however, should beware, however, of one China Holiday Inn property, the Beijing Lido. In the past, it has been a real Western Oasis, offering good food and service. Management, however, has allowed the hotel decline terribly; witness my recent experience:1. On several occasions, Beijing taxi drivers tried to overcharge me right in the front of the Bell Captain. I had to dispute the fare myself, leaving me to wonder who pays the Bell Hops. The staff does not care.2. When I arrived at the hotel,...Read More

Member Rating 1 out of 5 on November 20, 2005

Holiday Inn Lido
6 Jiang Tai Road
Beijing, China 100004
+86 (10) 64376688