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An August 2005 trip to Astoria by gaia

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Quote: Weekend road trip to the northern Oregon coast.

Fort Stevens


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Best Things Nearby: Best Things About the Resort: Resort Experience:Located within a former military base at Fort Stevens, this campground is very large and forested. There's a lake you can kayak, as well as the sand dunes right on the beach--the open Pacific Ocean! There's an old shipwreck there too. All camp sites are near to a bathhouse (toilets and showers). #reviewExtras {display:block;} #reviewExtras ul {margin:0;padding:5px 0 15px 0;} #reviewExtras li {color:#000;font-size:12px;padding:1px 0;} #reviewExtras li strong {float:left;display:block;width:50%;font-weight:bold;} ]] ...Read More

Member Rating 3 out of 5 on November 19, 2005

Cannon Beach


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This is famous (to me) because of the "Goonies." It's a nice big beach, but it was foggy and windy the morning we were there. There are lots of restaurants and shops nearby.

Member Rating 3 out of 5 on November 20, 2005

Cannon Beach
Cannon Beach Loop (Off Interstate Highway 101)
Cannon Beach, Oregon 97110
(503) 436-2623

Oswald West Beach


Photo of Oswald West Beach
This is a gorgeous, tucked-away cove on the wild coast of Oregon. You have to hike down through the forest about half a mile, and then the beach appears through the trees. It's a popular spot for surfers and dog owners.

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on November 20, 2005

Oswald West Beach
Highway 101
Astoria, Oregon
(800) 551-6949

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